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Name the greatest of all inventors: Accident. — Mark Twain
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Body Communication was discovered by Sadan Yagci, accidentally, in 2011. It is a method of literally communicating with your own body through action intentions and sensory responses.

This page discusses how it was discovered, how it is being explored, and what it can do.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Sadan Yagci. I discovered body communication in 2011. I have been studying it and using it as a “sixth sense”, or rather an additional sense, since 2012. I earned my Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of West Florida to assist in my study of body communication and search for anyone that had previously made the discovery. Not finding any literature on the topic, I decided to bring it into scientific study myself. Before discovering body communication, I suffered from severe depression, frequently had issues with dehydration, burnt out of coding work, and had a breakdown due to divorce. Through the unexpected discovery of body communication, I eliminated those issues entirely.

I have taught a couple dozen individuals body communication over the years. Almost all of them got it working easily, but I was personally more interested in exploring its effects long-term. Since body communication is so easy to teach, I plan to use this website to bring together those that are interested in expanding their horizons and seeing what it can really do for them.

As body communication has not been formally studied, I plan to use this website, and other mediums, to spread what I and others have observed so far on body communication. My goal is to become a professor specializing in body communication methods. I intend on continuing this work: teaching and researching body communication, properly exploring it in a lab setting, writing about it in peer reviewed papers, and opening it up for testing by other research teams. I might be wrong about body communication, but evidence so far indicates that it could be a game changer for humanity, if properly explored. I intend on exploring it to the best of my abilities, and I hope you will too.

How It All Started

Positive (green, left) and negative (red, right) abdominal directing sensation locations when intending to eat meat.

Back in 2011, in my early twenties, after I had just returned from living overseas, I took a job as a truck driver, crisscrossing the USA on a weekly basis. I preferred eating healthier foods, when convenient. Getting somewhere with quality food, however, was difficult at best. The truck was moving for both day and night shifts. Fridge space was sparse, freezer space was non-existent, and cooking was just about impossible. I loved fruits and vegetables, so I attempted to go vegetarian. I failed miserably. Not two days into restricting my diet, I started to get strong meat cravings. Figuring that my diet wasn’t appropriately balanced, before or after the change, I started eating meat again. I thought that I was missing nutrients that my body was starting to complaining about. I was right about that.

The strong meat cravings stuck around. I was eating a lot of meat for a while, but the cravings came with something else that I had never noticed before. When my attention was on meat, there was a downward muscle contraction in my abdomen that seemed to be encouraging me to eat it. It was familiar, but I had never paid close attention to it before. It was consistent. I was curious, so I started testing how I could activate and use that muscle contraction.

I couldn’t control the muscle manually, but I could trigger it with my attention on meat and the abdominal muscle. It was weird and my curiosity kept getting pulled along with each new finding. The muscle provided two different responses: an encouragement response and a discouragement response, a yes and a no, of varying strengths. I couldn’t control which response I would get, but I could give it different things to respond to: different foods, different behaviors. I had found a weird way to communicate with my body.

Positive (green, left) and negative (red, right) abdominal directing sensation locations when intending to eat meat.

I originally thought that this communication method that I discovered was just some weird thing that I could do. Just one more weird thing about Sadan. This wasn’t the first time that I had found something odd about myself. However, six months into seriously testing it, I discussed it with my girlfriend at the time. She got it working for herself on her first try. It wasn’t just me. I continued testing it. To this day, I am still testing it and showing others how to use it.

That is where it all started. I wasn’t searching for anything life-altering. I just noticed something odd, got curious, and thought of ways that I could test it to see what was going on. I had no idea what it was or what I could do with it. I didn’t know it then, but finding a muscle that I could trigger with my behavior but not actually control would change everything for me. Now, I communicate with my body like you would hang out with your friends or attend a business meeting. The parts that make up my existence have way different perspectives from my own. They don’t think like I do, or like people in general tend to think. They are different but they are part of me, and we all have the same ultimate goal: to thrive and to live. For that, we are better together. For that, we cooperate.

How You Can Benefit

It didn’t take long for benefits to be found that appear to be from working with the body by communicating with it. Changes in functionality range from a loss of feeling hunger or fullness, to a loss of negative symptoms when experiencing a cold. From no more headaches and eliminating depression, to preventing delayed onset muscle soreness. From a reduced need for sleep to an improved ability to care for loved ones.

No one knows what can be accomplished when a person works with their body in all its capacities. Going into it, I didn’t know what was possible and what wasn’t, so I just started trying everything as I went along. I’m writing and sharing this documentation so that anyone may freely explore their own existence in this manner, help test what is going on, and benefit themselves, their loved ones, and hopefully mankind. So, let’s see what we can do.


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