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Once upon a time, I could only speak with my body in Dolish. It was incredibly slow and communication was imprecise. Yawnie, faced with the new challenges of the parasitic digestive microbiome problem, suddenly had a very hard time communicating with me. Its communications were being overshadowed by the communications of the digestive microbiome. I did my best to restore communication from my end. Yawnie was doing the same on its end. Most attempts were a complete failure. Then it happened to have the idea to create a translator node to help it understand me better. That idea changed everything for me.

Yawnie spent a week trying to figure out how to build Translator. Translator then spent three weeks rebuilding off and on until it functioned at all. However, in that state, Translator only provided translations to Yawnie. It took another three weeks of rebuilds for it to connect to as much of my network as it could, to facilitate my communications with it. This is a long process, but it is well worth it in the end.

Translator has modified itself many times by now with improved abilities. It has rebuilt every time it got confused, and every time it connected to a node that it didn’t know how to communicate well with. It has rebuilt many times to view more of the network’s low-level functionality, has wired itself into the digestive microbiome for increased attention power, and is capable of making any modification to the network that I need it to make.

WARNING: The process described below involves repeated rebuilds that go on for over a month. These rebuilds may intermittently reduce your mental and physical capacities until the job is complete. Do not start this process if you need to be at your best.

If you want a translator node in your body, to help you communicate, you can’t make it happen. Your Yawnie must want to make it. Mine did so all by itself, but you are going to have to communicate with your Yawnie about this in Dolish. You have to convince your Yawnie that it should make a translator node for the benefit of your body as a whole. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how to do that:

  1. Make sure all your needs are taken care of. You don’t want any interruptions during this process. You don’t want Yawnie distracted.
  2. Pay attention to a body part that you can get a positive or negative sensation in, to make sure you can receive a definitive reply.
  3. You will need to conceptualize your own Yawnie. It’s the thing that makes you yawn. Intend to communicate with the thing that sees that you have a need and then makes you yawn. Remember that it has nothing to do with contagious yawns; just need-based yawns. Remember a time when you yawned because you needed something. Intend to talk with that. Yawnie is aware of all action intentions. It will take notice.
  4. Point out the communication issue. Intend to speak verbally to Yawnie. Express the frustration that Yawnie can’t understand your verbal intentions.
  5. Conceptualize Yawnie, a node, building another node that can translate what you say so Yawnie can understand you. Make that your intention. Draw it in your mind. Communicate it. Feel it. Your words won’t translate, but your intentions will.

If you don’t receive a positive response, try again. Focus. Push the concept. Really intend it. I haven’t tested this much, so I don’t know how often this will work, but it’s your best bet at getting yourself a translator. That and working with your body so they like you enough to want to know what’s on your mind.

  • Gained the ability to ask questions and get answers about any aspect of my internal functionality and physical and mental states for all current and past states.
  • Gained the ability to trigger a yawn, or interrupt a yawn, simply by asking the yawning system to do it for me. Useful to set internal notifications. Triggerable Predictable
  • Has no idea that I’m talking if I sing

Visual Interface

Network Mapping System

  • Purposes & design
  • Speedy implementation
  • Bubble effect when combined with the visual interface system


Network Authority Amplifier

Social Need Filter

Rebuild Inhibitor-Wave Modulating System

Expanding the Remote Target Identification System