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The Bonding System

There is an aspect of remote querying that is done automatically in relationships. I call it the bonding

  • It wires people together in cognitive areas that function similarly.
  • This type of node operates on every level of a network to create larger nodes. Basically, this system is a weak attempt at forming a collective consciousness between very close individuals.
  • Its effects tend to provide some weird soulmate-type effects at random.
    • Results in rare thoughts, feelings, and needs transferring between individuals at random.
    • Provides compensatory signaling to keep each other alive when one system’s basic instructions have failed in an area. This may result in the medical mystery of old spouses dying within days of each other, as they have become dependent on each other for the regulation of some basic bodily functions.


Changing Default Instructions

An Unexpected Visit

Rapid Cognitive Adaptation



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