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Hair Cutting Problem

Back when I first discovered body communication, one of the oddest needs that I discovered was a discouragement to cutting my hair. This included shaving. As a result, I let all of my hair grow long and I kept it that way for years. I didn’t question the need to not cut my hair. I simply respected it. Eventually, though, I needed to look more professional. I decided to see if I could find a compromise with my body on my hair care, so I ran some queries to help me determine the limits of its no hair cutting requirement.

As it turned out, I got it all wrong. My body didn’t want me cutting my own hair. It didn’t care if anyone else cut my hair. It was literally just trying to keep me from cutting myself. I let myself look like a yeti for so long, and it turned out to be completely unnecessary. I was very glad that I discovered this mistake. I got a haircut immediately.

It’s important to not take your body’s needs at face value, with all the assumptions that come with your initial awareness of a new need. Your body doesn’t interpret actions in the same way that you do. Not every node is involved in every decision-making process. Nodes made decisions based on distributions of attention power, default instructions that are inherited, and their own past experiences. Your personal feelings, decision making processes, and logic are nowhere to be seen in any of that.

Showering & Preening

When I first discovered body communication, it directed me to perform a task that I call preening. It involves a light spritz of water on the skin and massage of each area of the body, including hair. This does eliminate a lot of the oils, distributes them, and tends to make skin very soft. With the face, it also tends to result in going flush that can get as bad as a light burning sensation. I don’t recommend it for facial skin without further testing, but it is useful.

You’ll be happy to learn that the body does encourage showering to keep the skin clean. It even tends to stop pushing for preening altogether, if it gets a chance to compare the effects of showering to the effects of preening. Without that comparison, all it has to go on is an untested, primal need to preen with no way to evaluate it. The need to preen is still there. However, it has much less encouragement behind it, as the majority of skin care needs are taken care of by showering.

Skin Care Products

Skin care products are an important part of taking care of your body. Your network can and will notify you if it doesn’t like the soap that you use. For example, I was surprised to learn that my body didn’t like the soap that I used as a teenager. I had no negative external reaction to it, but my body preferred other soaps anyway.

Beyond soap, there are all sorts of skin care products on the market. There is also a lot of advice for the use of natural substances on your skin. Moisturizing is encouraged by the body, for males and females, though your body will likely be picky about the product. If you have never tried something specific on your skin, let your body test it out without using any other products. Then, after giving your body the necessary time to evaluate the product, ask if it wants you to use it again now or at a different time, or if it would prefer a different product. Your body will inform you of its preferred products and when it would like you to use them. However, remember that its observations aren't perfect. Your body is not always right.