Suicidal Ideation

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Five tips to help prevent suicide.

Suicidal ideations are thoughts about the possibility of ending one's own life. From a body communication perspective, it is caused by the activation of nodes that push the need for suicide in the same way that other nodes push the need to eat or walk around. These instructions are activated on purpose when the network of an individual has reached a point where a significant proportion of the network no longer wishes to continue their existence. This is not a human-specific phenomena, as animals also exhibit this behavior and these control systems. These self-destruct systems may have conveyed an evolutionary advantage for species at some point. However, in the modern world, the harm suicide causes and the ease of providing alternative solutions means that this directed behavior is, itself, harmful and should be dealt with accordingly.

Current Scientific Literature

See Wikipedia: Suicidal Ideation


I never actively considered suicide, but I did occasionally feel the need for suicide. Back before I discovered body communication, I was good at separating feelings from actions. No matter how I felt, it wouldn’t result in me committing suicide or harming myself. It couldn’t, since I didn’t provide my body with any suicidal behavior options. Since there were no options, it was never a consideration. It was always just a very terrible feeling.

Even though I never would have done it, I still felt suicidal needs. Fixing my depression stopped those needs from occurring, however, I eventually discovered the source of the need for suicide. There is at least one suicidal need node. It gets triggered if enough of the individual’s internal network hates their living environment enough to provide the suicide node with enough encouragement to do its job. Its sole job is pushing the need for suicide. It doesn’t matter which parts of the internal network provide that encouragement. Practically any of them can be the catalyst.

Evolutionarily speaking, this suicide node likely exists to protect a gene pool from individuals that exist in inhospitable internal network environments, depending on their biological and environmental circumstances. Basically, this node harms individuals, but would serve to speed up natural selection. A gene pool is more likely to thrive if individuals that pass negative traits use fewer resources and are less likely to pass on those negative traits.

This type of decision making, however, may be biologically logical, but it is socially terrible, extremely harmful for families, life ending for individuals, and a huge burden on society. So much harm and so much unnecessary waste. No one should go through that. Hopefully knowledge about these internal mechanisms will provide solutions to these problems. Since suicidal need can be caused by any combination of internal systems complaining about their environment and lack of cooperation, a solution to the problem of suicide is improving that internal environment and teaching people how to care for their body’s needs and help these internal systems. Hopefully this works as well for others as it has for me.


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